My sister’s pregnant sex stories..

Pregnant sex stories are never this kinky! But my big sister took it to a different level.. She’s a few years older than me, so she got to play up the slutty side a lot earlier than I did. She was always wearing short shorts, tank tops, skirts.. you name it! All the young boys were after her, but she was Daddy’s little slut first. Her tits were barely coming in when she got knocked up! I knew sometimes, when it was just the three of us home, they’d sneak off to the bedroom to play.. I never cared, because I got the TV all to myself, and sometimes it sounded like their playing hurt! It was all mixed up moans and whimpers, but I knew she liked it. Soon enough, though, she got knocked up, and I thought we were all going to get in big trouble for it.

However, I think everyone else thought it was just another high school boy that had done the job.

Our little secret was safe. Daddy got to stay around and play with both of us, now. My sister was always talking about her pregnant sex stories, getting me so excited for the day that I’d get to try it too.. And I kept wanting to play dirtier and dirtier! Daddy even showed us how to play with each other, when he wasn’t around.. He wanted us to be wet and juicy whenever he got home, so we could play for longer. The more pregnant she got, the bigger her breasts got, and sometimes they even dripped a little. Soon enough, though, Daddy was fucking both of us, but he learned from his first mistake! After knocking my big sister up, he was all about our tight little asses.

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