Pregnant sex stories, sissy style.

Pregnant sex stories include extreme sissification fantasies. I know how deep your feminization fantasies get, you know. You don’t just have pussy envy. You have pregnancy envy. Just another reason you’ll always be a cheap imitation of a woman, huh? Haha!

Luckily for you, during our sissy phone sex call we can at least fantasize about you getting pregnant despite your doomed genital situation. Imagine how much more you’d “feel like a REAL girl” if your big black daddy’s cum really could knock you up. Maybe your insatiable hunger for his creamy jizz is just another way you’re overcompensating just having a sissy cunt, an ass pussy. Understandable. But still pretty SAD.

Imagine how excited you’ll be as you feel your baby grow inside you, knowing that (even if it’s a GIRL) it’s going to have a bigger dick than you. Being bred by your big, strong, hung daddy makes you feel all tingly, doesn’t it? You’re a sick sissy fuck, all right, but I’m sicker. I can’t fucking WAIT to humiliate you about your pregnancy fantasy during our sissy phonesex call.

Where will your virile Daddy impregnate you, you ask? Well, funny you should mention that. I have a breeding bench with your (sissy) name on it, bitch. Time to put your filthy whore ass in the air and spread your hungry cunt lips. You know your Daddy doesn’t like to be kept waiting!

You’ll feel it as soon as his seed takes root inside you, the moment of conception. I think most men wish they could get pregnant, they’re just in denial about it. You are pathetic, but at least you’re honest about what a covetous, disgusting little worm you are.

Ready to make our own pregnant sex stories starring your flaccid sissy self? Good. You know what to do: CALL ME!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke