Pregnant sex stories are always intense and always true

A woman’s body changes during pregnancy, so much that even the most vanilla of sexualities have great pregnant sex stories to share and we do. We love to talk about how our body changes. How our sexuality changes. Between the hormones, cursing throughout our bodies and the baby pressing down on our clit we stay horny.

Suddenly all we dream of at night is sex. Incest comes into our minds and we want to try out everything possible. That is one reason I love mommy phone sex.  All the fantasies of riding a cock and having my lactating breasts explode milk all over the man I was fucking. How I fantasized about my son that was growing in me. Every detail of his life and how it would be.

How I would teach him the pleasures of his body by guided masturbation.  I wondered how old he would be when he first felt the stirrings of his cock. If I should be the one to take his virginity. I mean come on I did not want his life to be ruined by accidentally getting a girl pregnant. If I took care of his sexual needs he would even be more focused on his education. If I accidentally got pregnant well that would be ok with me.

Those fantasies of how old he would be, if I should take care of his friends, that is one reason why I love to do age play phone sex. All because of how my body went into sexual overdrive when I was pregnant.

I love to tell all the nasty pregnant sex stories because I can relive them.


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