My boyfriend always wanted to get me pregnant, but I just wasn’t ready.

I always made him wear a condom because he was baby crazy. Alway talking about getting me pregnant. And I really just wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment, especially with him. Every time we would fuck he would try to either sneak in without a condom on or try and take it off at discrete moments. I always caught him, though. Sometimes I would let him fuck without one because it just felt so much better. And when I would, he would do everything he could to stay inside me when he came. But I always got him off before he did.

One night we were out at the bar with some friends. A close friend of mine, Maggie, had a baby about 6 months ago. She was talking about her daughter and how much she loved being a mom. And I knew this was just fuelling the fire for him. We both got really drunk that night, and on the way home he brought it up. I insisted we didn’t talk about it because I wasn’t getting pregnant. His tone of voice changed and he started to get angry with me. Maybe I shouldn’t have let him drink that much.

He pulled the car over and grabbed me by the throat. “I’m going to put a baby inside you, Blair, I’m going to get you fucking pregnant if you want it or not bitch.”

I knew what he was going to do. He drunkenly climbed on top of me in his passenger seat. Hand still on my throat. He pulls his hard cock out of his jeans and rips my panties off from underneath my dress. I kept begging him to stop, insisting he was just drunk and didn’t mean this. His grip tightened and he told me to shut the fuck up. He slammed his cock inside of my pussy with such rage. Fucking me harder than he ever had. Thrusting inside of me over and over. Breathing so heavy, but I could tell this is what he had dreamed about for months. He fucked me hard until he came deep inside my pussy. And he held his cock in there for awhile, coming to terms with the fact that he just got me pregnant.

But can you really blame him?

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