I’m pregnant! Isn’t that what you want to hear?

“I’m pregnant!” are the words I want to tell you! I want to feel the little kicks of a life you helped create. I’ll go off of my birth control! I swear! You want it don’t you? 😉 I know you do!!! You want to see my sexy pregnant belly and milky tits. Mmm, yummy!

You come to my place and have been thinking about it all day. Just wanting to make it happen. You want to impregnate me and make me yours. Nothing would make you happier than to not have to pull out during sex. You smile my way and gently caress my knee. I look up from my phone at you and ask, “What’s the matter, daddy?”

You tell me, “Baby girl, I want to ask you to do something for me. It’s something that I have wanted for some time now. Now, don’t be scared… but.. I want you to have my baby.” I look down and back up at you, smiling, I say “Of course! I want that too! Oh please! Get me pregnant! I have been waiting for this day for such a long time.:”

You’re ready to get me pregnant. You want to fill me up with your strong sperm & make me yours!

You take me to my bed and take off my pants. You eagerly lick my pussy up and then work your way up to my tummy, kissing it as you anticipate my pregnant belly… up to my tits… you take my shirt off and suck my nipples. You can’t wait until milk flows freely from them, so delicious! Your cock is so hard that you just want to make it happen already! You take it out of your jeans and shove right into my cunt. You thrust in and out of me, slow and steady, making sure I cum a few times before you finally blow your load.

You shoot straight into my pussy, staying in there for a minute of so before pulling out and having me lay there with my legs up. You rub my tummy and smile at me… soon, I’ll have that sexy pregnant body you crave. All for you, baby daddy.

Want to get me pregnant? 😉 Call me! And want more of my steamy sex stories? Stay tuned!


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