Pregnant, sexy and looking for you.

I am right here for you: a beautiful woman and incredibly pregnant. I am your secret desire. Your obsessive thoughts of sexy pregnant women you’ve kept hidden from everyone are running rampant. You look in our direction all the time trying not to be noticed but little do you know that we are very aware of your attentions.  It takes everything inside us to try and stay faithful.

I once tried to keep my desires a secret. But my wants became uncontrollable. Sex is what pregnant women like me think about every day.

It’s what we lust for, it’s what we long for and it’s what we deserve.  We’ve been changed into sensual, aroused and willing sluts.

If only men KNEW that!

I’ve never been so overflowing with such humiliating sexual passion in my life.

My heart is pounding knowing I might be used by you in ways I can only imagine. It is every preggo woman’s obsession.

My huge pregnant belly is pressed against you.  The life inside!

My breasts, large full against your chest, have hardened nipples so ready to be sucked.

Your demanding insistent engorged manhood is rubbing itself all over my pregnancy.

I want that beautiful massive cock putting me under its control.

I want everything you have, I lust for it, I want to feel it excited and aroused against my tight preggo belly. Putting his cock between my swollen breasts. I want it to rub against my thick sensitive nipples. Looking forward to having that wonderful cock against my kiss, my unresisting open mouth then taking it deep inside making make me moan like a pregnant whore. I’ll do anything to prove what a willful little pregnant slut I’ve become. Use me. Control me. Fuck me.

Hot Phone Sex!