Pregnant at the beach…

It has been a long hot summer being pregnant. I’m at the beach with my girlfriends. They went shopping but I’m staying to sit on the beach in my chair with my book: all by myself in the sun.

I’m wearing a bikini that exposes my pregnant belly so it can tan with the rest of my body.

Is that your family with you?  Your look is so obvious and you’ve caught me at the right moment because I am craving attention right now.

It makes me sad that men don’t think I’m beautiful. Because being pregnant like this, I have been feeling sexier than ever!

 KNOW there are men who find pregnant women desirable, and here on this beach, it seems I’ve discovered that man. But you are surrounded by your family. What am I to do?

In my sunglasses, it might look like I’m reading my book but actually, I’m observing you from the corner of my eye.

I love your attention. I feel your eyes and an indescribable feeling comes over me. A switch has been turned on.  In just seconds: I desire sex and I want to show you that so badly.

I lower my book and look at my baby bump. I run my hand slowly over my pregnant belly pretending I feel the baby move. Then I allow my hand to linger there exploring it with my hand. And there you are: watching me the whole time.

My pregnancy is so advanced, my belly is so big and tight its belly button is popping out.

My breasts are enormous. If you could see my areolas you would know they are darker and my nipples have become thick, sensitive to every touch and so ready to be sucked.

Everything I have is there for him and my husband wants nothing to do with me!

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