Pregnancy fetish, Do you have what it takes?

Pregnancy fetish, Do you have what it takes to get me pregnant! I have been thinking about babies a lot lately! I think I have baby fever and I had a great idea on how to get what I want. So I have been seeing this guy off and on for a while and he has been begging me to let him cum in my pussy. Maybe I just might let him because I want him to get me pregnant. He is a very good looking guy he is about 6’1 he doesn’t have cut abs but he is still very fit. Long fit arms and hands that are all male muscled long and big for grabbing you.

I love his cock it is so long and wide imagining his cum dripping out of me drives me wild. So I have this plan because he always takes me out on a date every Friday. After every date, we have a little fun and he begs to cum in my pussy. I decided about 2 weeks ago to stop taking the pill so they said I could start trying if I wanted to about now.  I want you to imagine it’s after our date. His hands are all over me stripping off my clothes with liquid motion.  The passion is so intense I get dripping wet with need. I can’t wait to feel him shoot his load inside of me.

Pregnancy fetish, Give me a baby bump!

Pregnancy fetish, Give me a baby bump! I could feel his uncut cock slide deep inside me, his foreskin pulling back plunging is sensitive head forward into my tight cunt. I whispered in his ear “cum deep inside me baby” and he just exploded.

Maybe next time we play together you will be having milf phone sex. I know you wish you could be on the phone while having sex but I would love to tell you all the kinky details after!

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