I love exploring a pregnancy fetish!

It seems like everyone I meet has a pregnancy fetish these days! Well, you know me, I’m always down for some Hot Phone Sex taboo role play, so I love a new, hot fetish and everything that goes with it!

A few weeks ago I met a new guy named Shawn and I found out pretty quickly how big his pregnancy fetish was! I brought him back to my place and he told me he didn’t have any condoms. Then I told him not to worry and, his bulge got even bigger.

I got down on my knees and began to suck his cock. He moaned as I sucked his BBC, as a result, my pussy was wet, so I needed him inside me. He bent me over and pulled my panties to the side. His big cock stretched out my pussy as he pushed it into me. I moaned as he fucked me.

After a few strokes, he bent down to whisper in my ear “I’m going to put a baby in this pussy. You’re going to take my big load.”

“Don’t stop,” I said and he grabbed onto my hair.

He got louder as he got closer and I yelled: “Put a baby in me! All I want is a baby and I want you to give it to me!!”

He smiled and pounded me harder. I felt his hot cum shoot into my pussy and drip down my thighs. His load was huge! Maybe his pregnancy fetish will grow as my belly grows. Therefore, I certainly can’t wait to see how hard he gets when I have a huge belly!

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