My pregnancy fetish started about 2 months ago after a trip to my OB/GYN.

Pregnancy fetish – What started it all was Dr. Janell asked me if I was going to start thinking about starting a family soon. My look of confusion had her explaining that at my age….. Wait! What? My age? I am only 34, what does my age have to do with anything? Well, apparently after the age of 35 it is harder for women to get pregnant. I am on a mission now.

There was no time to think about anything, my clock was ticking.

Ripping his clothes off of him I began to suck his cock to get it nice and hard. I then stood up and shoved him onto the bed as I dropped my panties to the floor. Climbing on top of him and knowing I had to fuck him good. I bounced up and down as I rotated my hips in circles making sure that he was pleased. I had to have his cum inside of me. He had to cum in my pussy for me.

His cum was like gold to me.

Informing him that until I was pregnant we were to have sex all the time. He was not allowed to jack off, there would be no more quicky blowjobs on our way somewhere. No sperm will be wasted while I am not pregnant. This was going to be hard for me too, I love cum, I love to swallow it, I love to have it on my titties and take my tongue and play with it as I lick my nipples. Running my tongue across my nipples as I taste his cum is such an amazing feeling. But now that has to stop.

Cum will only be allowed in my pussy and nowhere else.

I want him to fill my pussy with his cum and my belly with his baby. We will not give up until my pregnancy fetish is me being pregnant. Check out my free sex stories on my blog page and call me for some kinky phone sex porn.

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