PREDATOR… The thing of nightmares to most people.

A predator can be scary.  But, to me, he’s the man of my daydreams.  Nothing turns me on MORE than when I get naked in my bedroom and it’s dark outside.  I parade my fine ass right there, in front of the windows, and I can feel your dick tighten in your pants…You’re the predator that parents are quietly warning their kids about, but not my young ass.

You may be the local predator, but I’m the local barely legal whore. Jokes on YOU, Mr.!  I’ll do things that will make you wonder who is the hunter, and who is the prey.  You stalk me from outside, but I’m in control.  I get to slink passed those windows, jumping to make my tits jiggle for you; and I can FEEL you cumming in the bushes!  Feel your fingers tighten around your shaft, as if you could feel my young mouth on you, and then you squirt?

Oh, I KNOW what I do to you when I prance around the pool.  I see how you try to hide it from my dad.  You look away, but that’s not enough to quench your thirst…is it?  What you don’t know, is that I have plans for you, Mr.  I’m going to drive you to the brink of insanity, and then…I’ll bring you back.  Because I’ll NEED you again and again.

You’re gonna give me a job cleaning your house, and what I’ll do will leave you drained and happy. I’m a whore for hire and YOU, Sir… You, are the town Predator. Just who do you think is going to STOP us? No one… that’s who. We’re gonna keep it sweet and discreet!

I’m On The Hunt and After You!


You Want To Peek, Mr.?