While we are on the subject of Blackmail, I just have to tell you about my new day job, working for Pastor Scott. Pastor Scott is a handsome man in his 50’s who is desperate need of a secretary. When I applied for the job made sure to wear a seductive mini skirt and tight top that accentuated my assets. When I walked in Pastor Scott practically melted. After a short, I mean very short interview hired me on the spot. He was practically drooled all over himself. It was then I knew he would be an easy mark, for blackmail phone sex. After being there less than a couple of hours my first day I found out Scottie has quite a few weaknesses. Yes he was very weak minded that’s true; however he also has some, shall we say moral weaknesses as well. (Evil Grin)
I studied Pastor Scottie well and got to know his goody two shoe wife 1st Lady Marie as well as his two sons. I was starting to reveal some of his dirty little secrets. While tidying his office I decided to get on his computer (it wasn’t hard to trick the weak minded pastor out of the password) and I found porn. Not just plain vanilla porn but hardcore porn. Ole Scottie was definitely fucked up to say the least. I found that he routinely does phonesex, chats in gay chat rooms and fantasizes about BBC. What the fuck!! This was music to my ears. I immediately made plans to blackmail little Scottie. I wanted a huge pay raise and a new car or his dirty little secrets would be out faster that he could say Amen.

Armed with my new information, one day after his faithful wife Marie (she works for the school system) had gone home I wore my fuck me mini skirt and my tight tit popping top into his office. I had discreetly hidden a cam in his office earlier. I went in, sat on Scottie’s desk, his jaw dropped in his lap. He couldn’t stop looking at my perfect body. I decided to me naughty and opened my legs revealing my lacy panties. I knew I then had this weak little preacher by the balls.

I then confronted him with the things I found out about his weak mind and morals. I told Scottie that he had two choices, either give me a raise and a new car, or prepare to be busted. As I was confronting him, his little baby dick began to get hard. LOL, he’s just too easy. I slip my fingers between my moist pussy lips and demanded he take his cock out, which he did without hesitation. I was so tiny it looked like an overstuffed clitty. I could help but laugh, and it excited him. I knew from then on, Pastor Scottie was to be my little blackmail slut. I had several plans for him some of them even involved that BBC that he keeps jerking off too. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Preacher Blackmail coming soon.

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