Potty Training with Mommy

What is it about potty training naughty boys that gets mommy so worked up and excited?  I just love watching them, legs crossed, desperately trying to hold their piss and not make a mess.  On the occasion that my baby just can’t hold it any longer, sometimes messes will be made that baby has to clean up.  That’s what potty training with Mommy is all about.  I love finding out how long you can hold out, but I love watching you fail even more.

Potty training dirty boys can be tricky.  Their minds wonder so easily and you have to keep bringing them back into the moment.  They also respond really well to punishment.  When baby tells me he has to go pee pee, its time to put our potty training into full force.  He can feel the piss dying to leak out, but Mommy will be right there to help you make it to the potty.  I want the whole experience to feel good and I want you to want to go so badly you can’t stand it.  Sometimes, though, dirty boys get a little too excited about potty training.

 Sometimes they get a hard on that mommy just can’t ignore.

When I see that blood filling baby’s shaft I have to play along.  I know how good it feels to finally pee after you have been holding it for a long time, but how good does it feel to have your cock stroked while you pee?   With each stroke, I let you pee more and more until you are all finished.  Sometimes, mommy might even slide her finger into your backside and rub your prostate while you release.  Now your legs are shaking for a whole different reason!

Now, lets not forget the naughty boys who don’t know how to follow directing and do what they are told.  Those are the boys that piss all over themselves and make a big mess.  Not only is the mess on themselves, but its also on mommy nice clean floor.  No, No , No!  Get down on that floor and lick it up!  Suck every last drop of warm urine up.  In fact, take off your undies and ring them out in your mouth too.  Maybe you will think twice before you have another dirty accident.

Potty training with mommy can be so much fun!  Find out for yourself!

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