Potty time Sir said to me..

Potty time sir told me again, as he drags me by my hair into the bathroom and pulled my panties down. He told me to watch as he pissed in the toilet. Then he bent me over and wasted no time and shoved his piss covered dick into my ass.

I was bent over the toilet, staring down into the cold piss, with sir hammering me from behind. I’m not a pain slut, and this fucking hurt, but I had to put up with it because I really wanted to please him. Besides, I liked being fucked by sir, and the taste of his piss in my mouth, and staring into the toilet, and knowing I was going to get a big mouthful of cum at the end of it all.

I was thinking this couldn’t get any better when he put a strong hand on the back of my neck. Then he shoved my face down into the cold, pissy water. He held me there for about ten seconds while he went on fucking my ass. I had just enough time to close my eyes before I went under, and no time to take a breath. I came up spluttering, gasping for air, and shouting “Motherfucker!”

But I was ready when he pushed me down again, and this time I actually kind of liked having my face immersed in his piss, and I blew some bubbles and took in a mouthful, which I spat out when he hauled me up.

Enjoying this potty play with sir!

Then as the potty play goes or so sir says. just before he came he pulled his cock out and shoved his shit covered cock into my dirty little piss dripping mouth. As he told me to suck it clean he shot a huge load into my dirty little mouth.

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