I love it when the postman comes. I have a huge window in my front room looking out towards the front door so when the curtains are open you can see all the way in to the house. I have a chaise longue which is in front of the window so if I lie on it the postman has a full view of me as he approaches the house. I’ve been teasing the poor guy like crazy for weeks, he’s quite young but super hot and I’ve been relishing his torment!

I’ve been making sure I have on a revealing nightgown with bra cups that push my full 32G tits up so they nearly spill out of the top and lace topped stockings, no panties and peep toed high heels. I then position myself on the chaise at around 3pm, the time I know the hot little milkman will be making his way up my garden path…

I catch his eye and stare at him with hungrily while I run my hand down the length of my body, over my belly button and between my legs. I open them wide and put one on the floor so he can see exactly what I’m doing to my shaven pussy. I begin to play with my clit and bring my other hand up to my breast, sliding my hand under the bra to rub my nipple in small circular motions. I push two fingers into my wet cunt and furiously finger fuck myself all the time holding the postman’s eye and licking my lips. He’s just standing on the doorstep watching me, and I can see a big bulge in his pants. He’s staring at me, watching me fuck myself with my fingers like a drooling little puppy, his eyes popping out of his head. By this time I can see a solid hard on in his pants and then I notice he has a package in his hand.

I have to sign for the package. I get slowly up from the chaise and move towards the front door, but before I open it I slip the straps of my nightgown off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor, so I’m naked apart from my stockings and high heels.

The poor guy nearly had a heart attack when I opened the door with nothing on and it turned me on so much knowing how much power I had over him in that moment. He began to stutter out some words but I cut him off “I’ll sign for it.” I reach towards him for his little computer and slowly sign the screen, then look up at him, his eyes are firmly on my huge tits, and I can tell from his expression that he’s never seen tits this good before. I hand back the computer and take the package from his hands, and as I do so I make sure I brush the back of my hand against his crotch as I grab the underneath of the box. I can feel his stiff cock tight against the fabric of his trousers. “Will that be all?” I ask, turning and bending slightly to put the box on the hall table, parting my legs a little and giving him a perfect view of my tight, round ass and protruding pink pussy lips. I turn back and look at him questioningly “well?” I ask, raising my eyebrows. “Err, erm, no ma’am, that’s all the post for today…” he stammers, and I can see how nervous the poor thing is. “Thank you, have a good day.” I say curtly, and turn close the door in his face. I make my way back to the chaise and watch him retreat down the path, confused and bewildered with a huge throbbing boner in his pants.

I know he thought he was going to get to fuck me, and I probably will let him at some point, but I’m just having too much fun knowing how much he must want me, how he must jerk himself off at night time thinking about putting his dick in my tight cunt, it makes me so wet and horny! I’ve had lots of really good wanks about my terrorization of him!

So I will keep you informed about my continued persecution of the hot little postman. Until 3pm tomorrow…



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