While any sex may be good sex, here are a few more popular positions men love.

Doing this research, I have asked myself (more than once) who the researchers are actually asking because I’ve found that a few of the most loved, popular positions are also positions men don’t really like at all.  Personally, I think when it comes to the positions in which we fuck; we should treat them all like food.  You don’t have to like it, but you should always try it at least once.

The Pretzel:  In this position, neither you nor your woman is in total control, but the angles of your bodies give you an incredible view of the action.  You have to work together to find a rhythm that will send you both over the edge, making this a great position for feeling a mental connection.

The Flatiron:  This is a twist on a rear-entry position.  While it allows for deeper penetration and gives you a nice, tight fit, it also allows you both to feel intimacy and closeness of the missionary position while indulging in your primal side.

Angled Missionary:  You’re on top and still in control, but move about 45 degrees to the side and you’ll both benefit from an entirely new sensation and you’ll get more friction.  If she squeezes her pelvic floor muscles, you’ll feel a pulsing sensation that will drive you wild.

Butterfly:  If you like to be in the more dominant role, this is a great position.  Not only is she slightly more vulnerable, but just about every inch of her body is on display for you.

The Lotus:  This is a more intimate take on the woman-on-top position.  While you’re both sitting upright, she straddles and wraps her legs around you.  You’ll both benefit from deep penetration and you’re in a great spot to stimulate her tits.

Kitchen Confidential:  I don’t think there’s anything confidential about this, especially if you’re doing it in the kitchen, however, you don’t have to limit yourself to the kitchen.  Basically, have her sit on any solid, hip-level surface and have her wrap her legs around your thighs or ass.  You can set the pace and she can touch you in ever spot her hands can get to.

The Sidewinder:  This sounds more like a female favorite (because you’re in the spooning position) but it allows for more eye contact and kissing, leaving your hands free to do whatever you want with them.  If she keeps her legs close together, however, it will provide a more snug fit for more powerful stimulation for you.

Eyes To The Sky:  You start off in the reverse cowgirl but both lean back to the point you’re facing the ceiling.  Although you can’t go as deep, you’ll last longer.

Waterfall:  With your head hanging off the bed, she’ll do all the work.  When you finish, the head rush will make the sensation you experience even better.  This should be saved until last so you don’t get uncomfortable.

Some of the not-so-popular positions…

Standing Up.  Unless your superhuman (or she weighs 90 pounds) this one is too much work for too little payoff.

Cowgirl. With excessive bouncing, the thought of her bouncing up (and you not hitting the hole as she comes back down) makes guys fearful their dicks will break.

Her Sitting On Your Face.  Some guys can’t breathe.  Enough said.

Spoon Position.  Especially if you’re both the same height, this is a really awkward position work-wise.

Eyes To The Sky.  Guys don’t like being used as a mattress or the thought of their dicks snapping off at the base.

Missionary.  For most guys, this gets boring.

Anything Complicated.  Basically, anything found in the Kama Sutra or Cosmo is a recipe to pull a muscle, throw out your back, or get you into something you can’t untangle from.

In other words, when it comes right down to it, men (like women) are all different.  I think the key is to try everything once or twice, and experiment.  Maybe you and I can come up with some new ones?

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