My Poor Pathetic Boyfriend

I came home late from work again.  This made the third time this week alone.  My boyfriend was sitting on the couch waiting up for me like a good little boy.  He had learned over the course of our relationship to stop asking where I was or when I was coming home.  The only thing he did know, was when I got home I would always have a special treat for him.

I walked into the living room and began to undress.  His eyes were gliding over my body.  I unbuttoned my tight little top and placed it on a nearby chair.  He licked his lips looking at the hickeys on my chest.  I slowly unzipped the side of my skit and let it hit the floor.  I stood in front of him in nothing but my pantyhose and heels.  He rubbed at his cock, the growth was growing uncomfortable in his pants.

He was so well trained and knew exactly what I expected him to do next.  Then he got down on the floor, on his hands and knees, as I arched myself on the seat of the couch and the floor.  I spread my legs and showed him the cum soaking through my pantyhose.  He licked his lips again as he crawled closer to have his first smell.  He pressed his nose against the nylon and next his tongue.

 I felt the warm and wetness of his mouth as he lapped at that cum stain.

I then allowed him to slide my pantyhose down.  His favorite part was yet to come.  Laying on his back, I straddled his face and placed my freshly fucked pussy on his mouth.  As he drank the mixture of cum and pussy juice, I told how much better of a lover my boss was.  How much bigger his cock was and how much more satisfying he was all the way around.  His success turned me on just as much as his nine-inch cock.  I told him how fucking pathetic he looked so happily licking another man’s cum from his girlfriend’s pussy.  How everyone in my office knew I was fucking another man.

Just as I sat down fully on his face, smothering him in my pussy, he came.  His load shot out like a bullet from his puny dick and I couldn’t help but laugh.  What kind of man would get off on his girlfriend fucking another man?  A fucking loser that’s who.

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