There is nothing more fun in the summer than laying out enjoying the sun and a poolside cuckold story. My perfect tanned body looks so amazing as the sun rays beat down on my freshly oiled skin too, of course. Whenever I decide to lay out next to the pool and soak up some sunshine I always make sure to have my body completely covered in tanning lotion.

Luckily for me, there is never a shortage of men, and sometimes women, who would love to oil me up. Sometimes it is my boyfriend, sometimes it is a family member or neighbor. Other times, however, it is just a simple worker who happens to climb right up on the pole really not doing anything more than his job. Hence, this hot poolside cuckold story that I am sharing with you.

That is what happened on this poolside cuckold occasion. I was staying with, at that time; was my boyfriend. When he informed me that the electric company would be by to check some things. In regards to him installing my new jacuzzi in the back pool house. I was so spoiled and always got the best of the things that I wanted. Which is why I staying with him for so long. That, and I was in the midst of training him on booty worship.

However, his dick was pathetically small and never satisfying to me. He didn’t mind being able to rub his little pecker all over my tight body. Barely ever allowing him to fuck me. After all, when he did get me drunk enough to say yes, he was a two pump chump. Who couldn’t ever keep going without exploding too soon.. As he left for work I was already set for my day by the pool. Margarita machine was on with his maid bringing me my fresh refills. My blue string bikini wrapped tightly around my body. 

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Before he left I laid on my stomach and allowed him to rub tanning oil all over my back, ass, thighs, and calves. He began groaning while telling me that I was going to make him pop in his khakis. Although, I knew by the sound that he made that I already had. Holding in a giggle, I am certain that he knew his little secret wasn’t so secret.

It was not very long until the electrician had made his way to his place. The maid allowed him in and began showing him where the pool house was. He was big, tall, with beautiful, smooth milk chocolate skin. I bit my lip and stared at his hot ass as he walked past me following the lead of the maid.

He was giving me a confident smirk and a wink as I shook all over my sexy body. Already picturing the naughty things that I would do to his massive black cock. He went about his business and I did my fantasizing for a little bit. 



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However, I was unable to control myself for very long. I could catch glances of him in the window of the pool house and couldn’t resist the temptation for too long. Actually, it was not much longer until the beautiful black stud needed to mount the pole to do some work on the exterior of the pool house.

I began whimpering to myself as he took off his shirt. Tucking it into his tool belt, climbing up the pole. I grabbed my tanning oil and poured a little into my hands rubbing all over my long legs. He concentrated his glare to me as I rubbed my tightly toned stomach and chest. Then I untied my bikini top and began dangling it on my finger tempting him to my side. 

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It did not take him long to join me either. He asked if my “husband” was going to mind me being topless out here like this. After all, he assumed I was married to the scrawny loser that he passed on his way in. However, I began informing him that pencil dick loser could not satisfy me the way that his stiff hard cock could. Then, in front of the help and everything he pulled out his big hard black rod.

My jaw dropped at the size of his massive woody in front of my face. I am sure even the maids were hiding in their rooms, staring out the window and masturbating to us fucking. He confessed his cock had what I really needed to lube my perfect skin with, to which I agreed, sandwiching his cock between my perfect tits. 


As he was tit fucking me, I was sucking on the head of his cock. However, in no time he had me bent over the poolside table. Whimpering for more as he stuffed my perfect pussy. He was grabbing hold of my hips tightly while plowing into me hard. I could feel his massive balls slinging my wet pussy juices everywhere.

That evening when my boyfriend came home he was examining with work that the electrician did. Actually, he did quite a wonderful job. I even informed my boyfriend that I tipped him extra well because he went through such an extra effort to satisfy me. I even let the poolside cuckold have a taste of my perfect pussy and the creamy load of cum the electrician left for me.

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