Masturbation Material Outside! My next door neighbor AKA boy toy Brandon was outside mowing his lawn.  No shirt on just hot sexiness gleaming off him in the sun! Of course he has to be married and have a family which makes him unavailable to me and also  my all time favorite fantasy to rub one out to.  So today I said fuck it!  I know that he is going to take a shower after he finishes the last few unmowed rows of grass. Which also means his bathroom window has a perfect view of my pool.  So I start thinking with my pussy and get rid of all the logic!  I run in the house put on the sluttiest thong string bikini I have.  I get myself all oiled up and of course I have to grab a pair of sexy heels to make myself extremely irresistible.

I jumped in the pool to give myself that sexy wet look. As I was getting out of the pool I heard Brandon shut off the lawn mower.  I quickly ran over to my nice and comfy poolside sun bed. I layed back and shut my eyes.  Just the thought of him undressing himself, ready to get in the shower was getting my pussy so fucking HOT!  I untied my top and exposed my fully erect nipples with anticipation of him peeking out of his bathroom window.  I started toying and teasing myself.  Gently playing with my tits, licking the nipple and slowly rubbing my clit. I kept my sunglasses on so I could peek up and catch him peeping!

I kept tickling, teasing, and fingering myself. Then I heard my cell go off. It was Brandon! I almost creamed myself! His text said “look up” I did. I saw him standing there in the window.  He had pulled the shade up and for the first time I was allowed the pleasure of seeing his HUGE cock.  What a raging hard on he had! He called me, he didn’t even say hello.  He just told me to take my bikini completely off and turn around and get on all fours.  He then proceeded to play a little guided masturbation with me making me take the heel to my pump and penetrate my barely legal wet pussy!. Edging me! Making me moan, and squirm and drip so hard!  It was funny how I was trying to be the tease and he just totally flipped the script on me.

Out of no where he hangs up on me. So of course I am like” What in the fuck!”  A few seconds later I get another text from him.  This time an up close shot of his cock was attached to it! I can tell Brandon and are going to be the best of fuck freaks! His text said that he was sorry his wife was knocking on the door. Then he text me again this time for a secret fuck-a-thon! He told  me to meet him at down by the creek, walk until I find the  huge rock.  I also had to wear no panties and wear a  short slutty skirt!  When I  get there, Brandon is already there with a blanket laid down on top of the rock.  He is laying on it, rubbing his cock through his shorts.

  We don’t even say a word this time.  We just stare at each other, had I walked faster and faster to him.  I grabbed a hold of his manly body and threw myself on him. Pressing his lips to mine.  vigorously dry humping the FUCK out of him! I take my top off and let my luscious titties smother his face. He flipped me over, he had me on my back.  He teased me with his tongue up and down my body!  The sun glistening on my wet pussy as he pulls up my skirt.  He leaned back and told me to sit on his face! I was in fucking heaven! I did not want him to ever stop sucking my pussy!

As I fucked his face I can see his cock throbbing in his pant. I reached  down unzipped  his pants and was amazed  of that big beautiful  fucking cock!!! I wasted no time teasing him, licking his shaft, deep throating it all the way down then gagging  on it! I  spit on it sucked the tip purple, then massaged his balls with my sensual lips.

   We heard something in the woods and guess who it was? His WIFE! She was watching and rubbing herself, we acted like we didn’t see her. I then turn around and stick his cock deep inside my pussy, making sure she sees how wet I am! I pull his hands up making him squeeze my nipples!  Pure fucking ecstasy  with every stroke.

  I then see her getting naked, she starts heading our way. I don’t stop, she just comes up behind him and sits her ass on his face and says lick my asshole bitch! Talk about fucking hot! Watching her take control of him like that got me so turned on I instantly started cumming all over his cock!!!! Her tits are fucking hot! I mean like make your pussy catch on fire hot!   She leans over and said to me that I was going to be a good bitch and suck her tits! That she is the one in control!!!

She grabs and pulls my hair kissing on my neck, down to my nipples. She asked how his cock felt? I said fucking awesome! Let’s suck it! So we both took a side of his cock!  Sucking, stroking, massaging  Brandon off taking turns licking his asshole. I begged Brandon for a taste of his jizz! I whimpered begging and pleading for him to shoot his load all over my face and in my mouth!  Then it happened. He flipped his wife over and shoved his cock in her tight asshole! He started trembling, shouting to the world he was cumming! He then pulled out and said…..”There, my cum is in there…..Clean it out SLUT! It’s time for round 2.”