Pon Farr Sexual Release – Die Mating Star Trek Anniversary!

It’s time for another round of Pon Farr sexual release! I’ve been working as the federation liaison for the Vulcans searching for a new home. Stovak has become a good friend and I showed up for lunch at his home for what I thought would be just another day. Oh, how wrong I was! This isn’t your average fetish phone sex. THIS… is something quite different.

As soon as I got there, I noticed something was wrong. Stovak was nervous. A Vulcan, nervous? “Stovak, is everything alright?” I asked.

“Josette, you need to leave, I don’t think I will see you again. At least not during the Pon Farr sexual release.””Why, have I done something wrong?” I murmured. “It’s not you, Josette, but if you stay, I am going to fuck every hole you have until you forget your name!”

Ahh. Pon Farr Sexual Release…

I looked at him, stunned. I’d been “playing” with him for a while; and while we were certainly flirtatious, nothing had actually happened. Then, almost before I could register what was happening he had me pinned against the wall and was ripping off my red dress, leaving me in only my silky lace thong. He pushed his tongue into my mouth but all I could feel was his huge bulge pressing against me. I had had other lovers, of course; but, he was at least twice as big as anything I’d even heard of before. This might just end up being added to my BDSM sex stories!

Like everyone in the galaxy, I’d heard of Vulcan strength, of course! But, to actually feel it? As he picked me up, he impaled my dripping pussy with his dick. Screaming in pain and pleasure, I struggled futilely in his arms as he started thrusting in and out of me with almost animalistic fervor. After getting my pussy accustomed to his size, I could feel it expanding to envelop it.

Is It Pon Farr Sexual Release Time?

The longer we fucked, the more “right” it felt as my pussy got used to his thrusting motions. I started thrusting back against him until I finally felt my ass reach his balls and realized I had taken every inch of that huge dick! But, this only made him fuck me faster and harder until I lost track of how many orgasms I’d had!!!

When he came, I finally realized he must be suffering under Pon Farr, because when he came, he absolutely lathered me in his hot cum. He filled my pussy, covered my back and ass, rolled me over, and came on my torso, before finally putting his cock against my lips. As I tried to get that monster head in my mouth.  So, after much struggling, I got about 1/3rd of it down my throat, tasting his savory Vulcan cum as it slid along my greedy throat.

I’m Cumming to the Party Every Year!

When he rolled me onto my stomach and pressed his cock against my ass; I became scared for the first time. That fatty monster dick was going to split me apart!!! Then, bracing myself, I felt him push deeper and deeper into my ass, my legs twitched with a combination of fear and otherworldly desire. So, long story short, I may not have forgotten my name, but I did pass out from the pleasure of it all. Wait until you hear what happened when I woke up from the Pon Farr sexual release! He took me every way he could.

Live Long and Prosper! I’ll fuck you whenever and however you wish.

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