Once a month my dad invites his friends over for poker night. There’s nothing more boring than watching a bunch of middle aged men sitting around playing poker. Dad knows his friends like me so he asked if I’d come over and play hostess for them. I can’t say no to my dad and I gotta admit, I do like the attention his friends give me so I agreed. I chose the perfect outfit, a cute little dress that was a bit too low cut and a bit too short. They’d get a great look at my barely covered tits and ass.

 Later that evening I went over to dad’s and he couldn’t take his eyes off me as I got the drinks and snacks ready. His friends arrived and they sat around the table dealing the cards. I handed out the refreshments and got quite a few compliments. One of dad’s friends even slapped my ass. I told him to spank me harder next time. They loved hearing that…tee hee.  After everything was served I hopped up on the kitchen counter and watched while they played. It was so boring, a $1 raise here and there. It could see it was up to me to spice things up a bit so I let out a sharp whistle and when I had their attention I told them that I’d fuck the winner of tonight’s game. Suddenly the bets were higher and more risks were taken. I got off the counter, went over to the table and took off my dress. That got me a lot of whistles and I said “Come on, you’re not going to win by playing it safe. Don’t you want me tonight?”. I leaned over the table, showing off my body and more bets were made. It got down to the  final two: Alan, my dad’s best friend for the last 30 years and Craig, dad’s co-worker. My pussy started to get wet at thought of fucking one of these men while everyone watched us, including my dad. Alan won. He looked like he’d just won a million dollars. Close enough. I told the men to clear the table because it was time for Alan to collect his winnings.

They watched while I did a little striptease, sliding down my panties and taking my bra off. I got on the table and dangled my legs over the edge then leaned back and stroked my pussy. Alan licked his lips then undid his belt, pulled down his zipper and took his dick out. I could see my dad out of the corner of my eye looking at me and I knew he was wishing he had won. Alan lined himself up and shoved into me with a hard push. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him as he began thrusting in and out of me. I love it rough so I wrapped my legs around his waist, telling him to fuck me harder. I looked at the other guys as Alan pumped away and it turned me on even more. I could feel he was getting ready to cum so I pushed him off me.  Tee hee, I’m such a little tease.  Well I didn’t want the fun to end so quickly and believe me it didn’t.  Alan wasn’t the only winner that night! *Giggles*  Wanna know how the night ended I’ll be happy to share and maybe we can play our own little game! *wink*