With all the new excitement of pokemon Go it really has me thinking exactly what this could turn out to be.

    I mean think about it. You’re walking around everywhere to catch these pokemon. Depending on your location (like a big city) you’re going to run into other trainers that are out there doing the same thing as you. I have a friend who posted on facebook about going to a pokestop and meeting like 3 other people who were also there getting supplies. They rode around together and caught pokemon for the rest of the night. What I’m really getting at here, is you’re going to meet people.

So if you’re out there meeting people, anything could happen! I guess this dates back to my childhood really, watching pokemon and thinking Ash was so cute. And how I would love a cute guy that caught pokemon and trained them. (I was just a little girl!) It kind of caters to a desire I’ve always had. A desire for a pokemon trainer.

When I head out of my house to go catch pokemon and get supplies, I can’t help but get excited.

I’m looking around for other people playing, hoping I run into someone cute. Every time I go to a pokestop I just imagine meeting a cute guy who invites me along with him to catch pokemon. We catch pokemon for hours together. We happen to walk near my neighborhood and I invite him in for some water and to cool off a little.

I obviously invited him in for a reason, right? So, of course, I’m going to get real close. This is like a childhood dream! Sitting next to him, putting my hand on his leg and laughing at him. He knows exactly what I’m doing too. “You want to take a break from catching pokemon, don’t you?” He asks. Blushing a little bit I say “Yeah, I do.” And with the rush of being sexually attracted to a complete stranger, he grabs me up and kisses all over my body. Ripping off my clothes with such a force. I was about to be fucked by my very own Ash Ketchum. Pulling my body into him. Fucking me like we hadn’t been walking around for hours in the heat. He didn’t even seem tired.

Feeling literally like a dream, And that’s all it is for now. A fantasy, a dream. That I hope with quickly come true. And maybe you can help me do that 😉 Come be my Ash Ketchum!


If you wanna come catch pokemon with me (Or even just fuck) you have a few options, you can:

Phone Sex Chat!

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