At my core, I’m a sensualist. I love intensity, and sometimes that means getting a little rough and causing a little pain.

I love to feel as good as I possibly can, as often as I possibly can. Being a very physical person, the limits to what I find sensual or pleasurable can be very far reaching. Of course I love delicious food, I love delicious wine, I love delicious sex. But what’s the recipe for good sex? What makes it memorable? For me, that can be rather esoteric, but my most memorable encounters have always involved pain. Pain can be extremely sensual…But when I’m working on a guy, sometimes I wonder…the line between pleasure and pain is thin enough already, do I really need to pick a team? Because I really don’t want to!


Guys always ask me what I like. I like variety! What if you start gently sucking on my nipples, then decide to clamp them down tight? What if I get so wet beating the shit out of a guy who loves it that I want to ride his cock while he lays on a bed of nails? How about anal sex? That is an extremely sensitive area, even my most seasoned friends who love to take it up the ass every day say it hurts like hell sometimes…but they still have an explosive orgasm! Pleasure, pain…Where is the line? Personally, I think they go beautifully together. 


What pain does to the mind is amazing. It sharpens the senses, it alters time and space.

The intensity of pain can transport you to a completely different realm of existence – where the boundaries are completely dissolved and you’re floating in hyperreality. Pain and discomfort elevate the erotic experience, even outside of the realm of BDSM. A little red ass here, some rug burn there…But when people ask me what kind of domme I am, I am a pleasure/pain enthusiast! I’m not afraid to kiss your body while I’m burning you with a cigarette. Or tie you up with rough rope while I rub you down with a soft fur mitt.

I might pierce your balls with needles while I suck your cock. I love where the mind goes when there is pleasure and pain at the same time. Think you’re nasty enough to handle it? Call me for some hot, adult phone chat. I’d love to see where it can go. Share your naughty secrets with me.