Pleasing Daddy And His Friends

My Daddy had a party at his house and only a few of his closest friends were invited. I felt sad that I wouldn’t get to see him but he surprised me by sending me an invitation that said “Dress Like A Good Little Slut. Daddy Wants To Show You Off.” I put on my prettiest party dress, a white ruffled dress that stopped mid-thigh and little white ruffled socks then put my hair in a ponytail that was tied with a pink ribbon. I didn’t wear panties and showed up on time.

   Daddy was naked and stepped behind the door so no one outside could see, took my hand then led me into the living room. There were four older men in there and I saw that they were all naked. A couple of them were already semi-hard and I couldn’t wait to suck and fuck all of that Daddy Dick. I looked at the TV and saw a movie had been paused. It was frozen to a spot where I was naked and Daddy was on top of me. Daddy had been showing them one of the sex tapes we had made just before I had arrived.

I felt special as Daddy paraded me around so his friends could get a good look at me.

He put his arm over my shoulder and said: “Why don’t you be nice and show my friends how good you look under that dress?” I said, “Yes, Daddy.” I took my dress off slowly and stood there so they could all see my nakedness. Some eyes went to my tits while others went to my smooth pussy and I felt so bad and dirty. “Why aren’t you wearing any panties?” Daddy asked me and I said, “Because I always have my pussy ready for Daddy.”

He kissed me and said, “Good girl, now go and make my guests feel comfortable.”

I went over to the man that was closest to me and sat on his lap. “Can I be your little girl?” I asked him and batted my eyelashes at him. He pulled me closer and said I could be whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t get up. I reached down and began to stroke his dick while the other men watched us. “Oh! You’re so big!” I said and stroked him faster. I could feel his hand twirling my ponytail as his breath blew on me. Then I kept going and soon I had wet cum dripping all over my fingers.
“Oh, I’m all dirty now,” I said and licked my fingers clean as I got off his lap and knelt down in front of the guy beside him. “You don’t mind me being dirty, do you?” I asked as I looked up from between his knees. He told me the dirtier the better and I wrapped my lips around his thick, veiny dick. I kept my lips tightly around his shaft as I put my wet hand on his balls. I sucked him off while I squeezed them and he put his hand on the back of my head, messing up my hair.
He pushed me up and down, shoving his dick down my throat. Daddy had taught me well and I kept sucking him like a whore. I felt his balls jerk up as cum shot down my throat.

So I swallowed it down then slid him out of my mouth.

      I licked my lips then moved on to the next Daddy. “I guess I’m all yours now.” then asked him what he wanted me to do to him. Then I listened and looked at the men surrounding me. Let’s just say it was the best party ever.

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