PLEASE, Don’t forget the BALLS too!

I’ve heard so many of my playmates tell me that they wished their balls got more attention from their ladies. Sources say that women are mostly focused on the mushroom, and the shaft, while the balls are left hanging *giggle* ( pun intended). While licking and kissing and sucking on the head and the rod feels wonderful, balls can be a very erogenous zone if you play with them.

When sucking cock, I never forget the balls. You can’t leave them untouched or unlicked. I love sucking and licking, wrapping my tongue around that big knob, while my fingers find their way to that heavy, hanging full sack. I love touching them, grabbing them & pulling them down while I’m deep throating. Playing it up a bit while giving a yummy blowjob is good too, snake your tongue from the shaft passed the base, and trace the seam between the sperm filled twins.

My Favorite thing has to be sucking on them. I love the feeling of my mouth being so full, so I love trying to suck both of them into my mouth at the same time. Sucking on your flavor of the weeks balls, can be a great segway into anal play as well, just think you get all that yummy taint to taste and tickle.

Guys, don’t be scared or shy to massage your balls while stroking hard and fast on your cocks. Squeeze them, knead them, lightly scratch them. I bet the sensation will make stroking off an entire new experience for you if your not already playing with yours while jerking off your big hard cocks.


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