Please, daddy more I beg him!

“Please daddy,” I begged him. “Fuck me!”

“I will, baby. I will fuck you real good, my beautiful little slut. Get on your hands and knees for daddy.”

I did as I was told and daddy placed a pillow under my chest, then he gently pushed me forward so that my chest was resting on the pillow and my ass was in the air, my pussy exposed and ready for his cock. He got on his knees behind me and started caressing my ass. I moaned into the pillow. Then I felt his hard shaft against my wet slit. He ran his cock back and forth along my slit. I kept moving my hips to get him inside me, but he held me back. Please, daddy, I begged, but daddy was in charge. Daddy would decide when I’d finally feel his cock inside me.

Then the time came. Daddy’s fat cockhead rested against my virgin hole. He slowly started pushing. I started hurting and cried into the pillow. Daddy just kept pushing. Then I felt it. He ripped through me and impaled me on his thick piece of meat and I cried with pain. Daddy held onto my hips with a strong grip. I thought the pain would never go away, but it did. Just as suddenly as it had started it was replaced with a throbbing hunger for more. I pushed my hips back and daddy knew that I was horny again.

As he started rocking into my tight, wet cunt from behind, daddy reached down and slowly pulled me up against his chest. He cupped my tits and started tweaking my nipples as he fucked me. I moaned with delight. This was better than anything I’d ever imagined or fantasized.

“If you reach down and massage your clit it’ll feel even better,” daddy whispered in my ear, between his kisses on my neck.

I did as I was told and he was right. It was bliss. Ever so often I reached further and felt his pussy juice covered cock sliding in and out of my cunt.

“Oh please daddy more,” I moaned. “Oh please daddy more, this is wonderful.”

“You like being fucked by daddy, my little slut?”

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