Please Let Me Cum

He forced me to sit in a chair and began to tie my arms and legs down. He stared to walk around me in circles, running his fingers through my hair. His name was Vincent. Then moaning started coming from the other side of the room. It was my boyfriend at the time. Vincent’s wife was sucking my boyfriends cock and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Vincent started to run his hands all the way down by body and started to play with my little cunt. I was an the verge of cumming then he stopped. I so wanted to cum.

My boyfriend and I were at a coffee house after a long night of fucking. There was an older couple at the table next to us who struck up a conversation with us. We were laughing and became pretty good friends. So my boyfriend and I invited them over for dinner at our house.

Dinner was beautiful! I had been cooking all day. We all sat down at the dinner table. My boyfriend and I were sitting across from the couple when I noticed him start to move and fidget around. I looked down and the man’s wife had both her feet wrapped around my boyfriend’s cock jerking him off. I looked down at his cock then up at her and just smirked. So I could barely make it through dinner I was getting so turned on. So I suggested that we could go to the bedroom for dessert.

That is when Vincent tied me to the chair and all the fun began….

He let out a chuckle and walked to the other end of the room. He got down on his knees and started sucking my boyfriend John off. His wife got behind John and started to lick his asshole. I sat in the chair wanting so badly to join. I started to beg but all they did was laugh at me. Then I saw his wife mount my boyfriend and start to ride him hard, getting more aggressive with every thrust. Vincent then went behind her and stuck his cock in her ass.

She started moaning, almost screaming in pleasure. Laughing every now and then, telling me that I wished I was her. I did, I wanted to be fucked so bad. It was killing me. I didn’t know how much more I could take. I watched as the men made her cum over and over. Licking up every drop of her sweet pussy juices.

Then Vincent turned John around and stuck his large throbbing cock right into John’s ass. At first, John screamed for him to stop, but after a while, John was begging for him to go deeper. Vincent’s wife came over to me and put a vibrator against my clit. The only thing was that every time I was about to cum she would take it away. I was begging for her to please let me cum.

She would just giggle and tease me even more. She has full control over my body. I could only cum when she said. Finally, Vincent pulled his cock out of my boyfriend’s ass and made me suck it clean. Bent me over and shoved it in my tight pussy. Then John came up behind Vincent and stuck his cock in his ass. I was begging for sweet release. I needed to cum. Then I felt like my body was about to explode. Do you think his wife finally let me cum? Well, you will just have to call me to find out.

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