I like to dress up sexy and dance in front of the mirror. I like to do my own striptease.  So I like to pull down my top and bounce my big, soft titties. I love the way my titties look. I like to squeeze and stroke them and pinch my nipples. Hell, my tits are so big I can even suck my own tits. Now ain’t that something special? lol

After I pull my top down and play with my tits I just have to put my hand down in my own panties and finger my clit. I love to smell my fingers and lick it. I must say, I do taste good.  So I have some slippery lube oil that I like to pour on my clit. I’ll pull my panties off in front of the mirror and sit and spread my legs wide so that I can see my fat pussy lips. When I pour the lube on clit I start to feel tingly. I rub the lube on with my fingers and I can feel my juices flowing. I slide one finger in and pump it back and forth. Then two fingers in. Ooh, it feels so good.

Oh, how I love to play with myself. And even though I play with my pussy and  I can suck my own tits I really love when a hot guy plays with tits. If you nibble on my tit I will feel the tingle of your teeth. If you rub your rock-hard cock on my titties I will feel the heat of your throbbing dick and crave for it to slide right between my 44 DDs. Now, that’s something I love to feel. I love to feel a nice hard cock between my tits. I love to feel you thrust it back and forth, harder and faster till my tits push back and forth and up and down.

When you slide it through I can’t help but suck it. I will stick my long tongue out and lick up all your pre cum and open my mouth wide so you can fill up my throat as you bang that cock between my sweaty, sticky titties. When you’re ready to cum, go ahead and spew all of that creamy, white cum right on my face and tits and watch me lick it up. SLURP!!!

See, I’m such a fun kinky slut. I can play with you or I can have loads of fun PLAYING WITH MYSELF.


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