Some of you that read my recent blog know about my new Master.. How I found him by trying to find the owner of a stray dog, and ended up finding my master as well. He loves to tease me, but sometimes lets me turn the tables and take control of him. I love switching roles with him, it’s always fun.. specially the other night. He really took back all control, once I was done with him.The night started off with him giving me the chance to tease him. It was a controlled situation..and he had the power to completely flip it back on me. but he wanted me to show him what I could do. So all night long, I had him tied up. Fuzzy little handcuffs keeping his hands away, tied to the bedposts  so he couldn’t push me away or stop me. I kissed every inch of him.. making sure he would suffer with every kiss that I got closer, knowing that I’d likely make him hard and just leave him like that. What can I say.. tease and denial is my thing. 😉
But as soon as he started getting weary of that, knowing that I’d gotten him so excited, I’d likely tease him right to the edge and crush it.. he took back control, demanding that I stop. He wanted to make me feel the same way. So we switched.. He got a wild look in his eye the second I cut him loose, and he flipped me back down on the bed, tying my hands up just the same. What a little tease..I hated him the second he started. Kissing every inch of my neck and making me fight against the cuffs because I was caving in. I wanted him to fuck me. And he kept getting so close. He was being a cruel Master, knowing every time he bumped against my pussy that I wanted more. I needed it. He’d grab my face and look me in the eye as he did so, making sure I knew he was in charge here. And I’d have to wait for it…

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