I’ve always been a little of a pyro. My closet’s stocked with fireworks and my nervous tick is to play with a lighter.. It fascinates me, and I ended up attracting a fuck buddy who may love it even more than I do.. And, everyone’s heard of playing with ice cubes as a form of foreplay, right? All those sexy images of girls sliding ice cubes gently down a guy’s chest, putting one in her mouth as she’s going down on him.. etc. But I wanted to try a mix of the two. I wanted to blend two opposites and drive him wild: fire and ice.

So for our next little playtime..I made sure he would be blindfolded and tied up. The fluffy handcuffs held his hands in place, tied to the bedposts so that I had complete access to him.. I could do anything I wanted. He had an idea of what he was getting into when he heard me walk into the room with a bowl of ice cubes – they rattled around a little when I picked one up, and I could hear him take a little gasp, wondering what I’d be doing.
I started off with that first.. letting it land softly on his chest, moving it gently down..I made sure to tease every inch of him, specially when I rubbed that little piece around his nipples and down, down, down.. His muscles tighten ed when I used my tongue to move it against his cock, lifting it with my tongue to trace the underside of his shaft, and taking the head into my mouth, resting on my tongue next to the ice cube.
But he didn’t know what was coming next..when I brought fire into it.As soon as the ice cube had melted and his cock was rock hard, a little cold from the ice and very erect.. I brought out the lighter. I needed a quick hand for this.. fire doesn’t burn if you run your hand through it fast enough. It feels warm and tingly..So with a quick flick, I ran the open flame under his cock for a second. He gasped a little and pulled on the cuffs, but he moaned, loving the difference between the fire and ice. I teased him a little more..stroking him, kissing him, sucking on him.. and every bit of the way, overwhelming his senses with the quick transition between cold & wet, and the warmth of an open flame.

Meet your naughty pyro..

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