Playing “House” With My Big Brother

Growing up in my household was super fun! I remember playing all kinds of games with my brother, who was only a couple of years older than me. We played, hide-and-go-seek, video games, and the most fun of them all was playing “house”! Playing “house” just meant that we mimicked everything that our parents did in their adult lives. So my brother would pretend to wake up and go to work as an accountant (just like dad did) and I would pretend to go out shopping and getting mani-pedi’s all day (just like mom did).

One day while playing “house”, my brother decided that we were missing one thing in our make-believe lives…a baby. He decided it was time to get me pregnant.Even though we were so young me and my brother still new what sex was because we would sneak and watch mom and dad fuck almost every night. We also knew about “the birds and the bees” because our parents were very open about shit like that. We knew exactly what we needed to do in order to get our baby. We knew that playing “house” would be so much more fun once we had our own baby to play with.

My big brother told me to get undressed and wait for him in mom and dad’s bedroom. I wasn’t scared because I trusted my brother and I knew that he would make me feel really good. We he came into the room he had dad’s robe on, which was a little big for him, but he was still super cute in it. He then explained to me what was about to happen. He tried to keep it as simple as possible so I could understand with my young mind.

“Ok Carm, lay down and open your legs.”

I obeyed.

“Now I’m going to tickle your little pink button with my tongue just like dad does to mom’s pink button.”

The tickle made me laugh at first but then my entire pussy got warm and the tickles started to feel really good.

“Now I’m going to push my hard penis into your little hole. Mom told me that it might hurt for a little bit so, I want you to suck on my tongue while I work my penis inside of you.”

As he pushed his penis into my small vagina I sucked his tongue really hard because it did hurt just like he said it would. My brother never lied to me. It took him a long time to push his all the way into me. I wrapped my legs around his back and held on tight to his arms because he started pumping my pussy really hard once he had work his way all the way inside of me.

I loved laying on my back like mom and taking my brother’s dick deep inside of me. It made me feel so grown up and important. I kissed my brother just like he was my real husband and I said all of the things I’d heard mom saying while dad was fucking her:

“Fuck me harder baby.”

“I’m gonna cum on your dick PAPI!”


“I want to have your baby!”

My big brother’s moans made me know that he was feeling good too. I was really surprised at how wet I got. The harder he pumped me, the wetter I got. My brother’s cock got so hard that it felt like a thick wooden pole drilling inside of me. He looked into my big brown eyes and said,

“Are you ready for me to cum inside of you?”

I didn’t really remember what that meant, but I knew that brother knew exactly what he was talking about. As he fucked my pussy harder and harder he said that he was giving me his baby. All I could do was close my eyes and let him finish…he was in a zone. He exploded inside of me. We both knew what could happen and we were both super excited to see if what we did actually worked. Would I become pregnant from playing “house” with my brother?


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