I Love Playing With Myself! Let’s Relive the First Time Together!!!

Playing with my pussy is something I LOVE doing. I could play with it all day long and never get tired of it. But, what was my first time like? How did I discover my love of masturbation? It started like this…

I was in middle school, that’s all I’ll say. I’ll leave it up to you to imagine how old I was. I love to keep you guessing. So, it was PE and time to change back into our regular clothes. We had been playing coed baseball. It was really hot out and the guys in my class looked SO cute! I knew I was getting excited because I could tell there was more than just sweat making my inner thighs wet.

Since PE was my last period I decided to use the showers. Basically, all the showers were just a tiled floor with a drain in the middle and a bunch of shower heads. No curtains. No doors. Completely exposed to anyone who happened to wander in.

I was all soapy, my hair dripping wet as I washed. I reached between my legs and gently washed my girl parts. As I did, I thought about him. He’s the really cute guy in my class, the guy I’ve had a crush on for like the longest time. Then I felt a tingling between my legs. The way I was washing felt really, REALLY good. So I kept doing it. I could feel it start getting wet inside.

I stuck my fingers inside, feeling around, trying to figure out where it was coming from.

As I did this I kept thinking about him, my crush. And as I pressed on this spot inside myself I could feel it all throughout my entire body. I’d never felt anything like it before. I couldn’t help it. This groan escaped from my throat, spilling into the air and echoing off the tiled walls. My legs started twitching and I had to sit down. I started rubbing the outside again, thinking of how much better it would be if he were here doing it for me.

Sitting there in the shower playing with my girl parts felt so good. And, I just kept getting wetter and wetter. I reached back inside, trying to find that spot again. I closed my eyes as I searched really taking in how wonderful it felt. Yes! I found it! I pressed on it and started rubbing it, slowly picking up speed. (Later I’d find out that I had found my G spot.)

That’s when my noises got louder and louder, echoing back off the walls as a reminder of what I was doing. A small part of me felt like it was so wrong what I was doing, but I couldn’t help it. Suddenly, I felt myself clench inside and all of this white stuff shot all over my hand. My whole body shook and I couldn’t move. My vision blurred and my world was spinning.

I relive it every so often thinking of how naughty I was before I even knew what naughty WAS. Let’s be naughty together! Cum play with me! I’m only a phone call away.

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