Little skinny Arthur was also rummaging in his mommy’s dirty clothes hamper for her nasty, dirty worn panties. He would wait til she was gone and pull out her panties and matching bras and stockings and have his own little fashion show. He loved how mommy’s panties smelled and how they felt on his body. One day when mommy returned home his dirty little secret got even dirtier.

Arthur was standing in front of the long mirror in his mother’s bedroom modeling her undies and walking back and forth swaying his hips from side to side. He was having the time of his life until he heard an all too familiar voice. It was his mommy shouting at him. “Arthur….what the HELL are you doing?” He turned to her and whimpered, “Oh mommy, please don’t be mad at me. But I love to try on your clothes.” She looked him up and down and said, “My dirty clothes? You like wearing my dirty underwear? You are nasty.”

“But mommy”, he cried, “I love the way your panties smell. It’s your smell. And I love it. I always have. And I love how your panties and bra and stockings feel on my body. It makes feel so close to you….so near to you. Do you understand?” She glared at him with rage and sternly said, “I understand that my 17 year old son is a pathetic, faggot, sicko who disgusts me.” Arthur started to cry. His mother said, “So what…you’re a cry baby too? I can’t believe you are this kinky and nasty and now you’re crying. I’ll tell you what….I’ll give you something to cry about.”

She picks up her hairbrush and raises it in the air. “Bend over you little bitch, mommy ‘s going to give just what you’re crying for.” He bends over and she hits him on the ass with the brush. He wails and screams but his mother notices that the bulge in the panties get bigger with each wallup. “So, you like this? This is what turns you on, sicko?” Arthur looked in his mother’s eyes and said, “Yes maam. I also like it when you call me a faggot too. I don’t know why mommy but this is all very exciting for me. I think deep down I was hoping you would catch me in your clothes but I had no idea how much of a turn on it would be.”

His mother looked at her watch and then at Arthur. “Well, lock the door then. I have a few things I want you to try on. The first thing is a new name. Since you like wearing women’s clothes then I’ll have to give you a girls name.” Arthur jumped for joy, ”Oh mommy I would love that.” His mother looked into his eager face and said, “How about I call you ANNIE. Do you like that name?” “Yes Mommy, I love it.” His mother started rolling down her stockings and taking them off and said, “Well, Annie, Daddy doesn’t get home for a few more hours so you and I are going play dress up.” She throws her worn stockings in his face. As he sniffs her scent he moans, “Oh mommy, I would LOVE that.” Arthur/Annie had a kinky time PLAYING DRESS UP WITH MOMMY Part 1

Written by Genie