I love playing with a cuckold; I enjoy the demeaning aspect of it a lot. I made a date with Brian (the cuck) and Chris for Saturday night. I had Brian come over and help me pick out an outfit for my date with Chris. He chose a short red dress and a pair of black heels. I made him sit on my bed and watch as I got dressed. I then ignored him while I did my hair and makeup. When I was done I went and stood in front of him. I asked him how I looked and he told me that I looked nice. I asked if he thought I looked good enough for Chris to fuck me as soon as he saw me and Brian nodded. I told him to go into the living and clean up. That would give him something to do while Chris was fucking me. Brian left without a word and I heard the vacuum going as I walked out the door.

I took my time with Chris and had a great night. We went back to his place and I didn’t leave until I was full of his cum. I went back home and found my living room spotless. Brian was quietly waiting for me on the sofa. I told him to get up and follow me. We went to the bedroom and Brian watched as I kicked my heels off. I took off my dress and laid down on the bed. I spread my legs and slid a hand down to my pussy. I parted my lips and showed Brian my cum covered pussy. It was cold and was starting to dry on my thighs. I told him to get on the bed and he got between my knees. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed him down. I told him to lick me clean. He ran his tongue along my lips then pushed it inside. He moved his tongue along my walls slowly, licking Chris’s cum off me. I asked him how good Chris tasted and he moaned. His tongue ran over my clit and I gasped. I told him to find that spot again. He did and began to rub his tongue against my clit. I pushed my hips up as he sucked and nibbled on it. I came with a loud cry and let Brian go.

He looked up at me and smiled; his face covered in Chris’s cum and my juices.




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