Jake worked both of my holes last night and I loved every second of it. His tongue, his fingers and a little help from Anal Beads made me lose my mind and made my sheets all wet.

It put me in a good mood. Now all I want to do is keep playing because I want more action with Anal Beads.

Jake picked me up in a bar and I lived closer so we went back to my place for a little fun. We kissed as we took our clothes off and I pressed my body against him as he pushed me down on the bed. I could feel his dick hardening against my thighs as his mouth went from my mouth down to my tits and he began licking a nipple. It made me shiver and I pushed his head down, wanting his tongue somewhere else.

 I opened my legs and felt his warm breath on my inner thighs as his tongue slid over my outer pussy lips.

He lapped up and down then went lower, his tongue flicking over my asshole. I wasn’t expecting it there and I gasped as a thin layer of spit covered it.

He saw the reaction it got and his rough wet tongue licked my asshole a few times before wiggling into it. He was getting me ready for Anal Sex Stories.

 I tried to relax for him but my pussy was aching and dying to be touched. I reached down and quickly stroked my pussy as I nudged him away from me and told him to get the Anal Beads out of the bedside table. He opened it and rifled around until he found them and the lube which he spread over his fingers. He pushed one into my ass and moved it around until he could get a second one in then worked on loosening me up.

 When my ass was ready he put lube on the Anal Beads and started putting them in one by one. I could feel my hole stretch around them. Then my ass would close tight around each of them and the light rubbing they gave my tight hole made me push my ass down. It was easy for him to get them in and when my ass was full I pulled his face back to my pussy.

 He licked over my lips then pushed his tongue halfway inside, sliding it over me as juices covered it. I rolled my hips up and he went in deeper, giving my pussy long slow licks.

I started rocking, meeting his licks and I cried out when he gave the Anal Beads a little tug. The sensation was amazing and his tongue went up to my clit as the beads pressed against my hole.

 He licked my clit firmly as he tugged the first bead out and I groaned as it popped my hole. His tongue kept moving over my clit and he pushed a finger into my pussy. Then he thrust it quickly as I got more worked up. My pussy tightened around him and he put his lips over my clit. He sucked on it as he pulled out another bead. My body tensed up as his finger pumped my juicy pussy and I came all over him. As soon as it started he tugged on the Anal Beads. The last three popped out in a way that made me shake and cry out.

I laid there all sweaty and wet but I could still feel his hard dick when he laid down beside me and I couldn’t let that go to waste. I still had one hole left so I licked my lips and got ready for it.

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