Let’s Play With Our Food

When I was younger, I was always told not to play with my food. Now that I am an adult, I have a very playful food fetish! Bringing food into the bedroom can be so sexy! Personally, I love to be covered from head to toe in delicious sweets. I want someone to lay me down on a clean white bed and paint me with food. Use my naked body as a platter and create a beautiful dessert masterpiece. We can make the most erotic mess together with our playful food fetish!

There can never be too much when it comes to dressing me in food. We can have it all! Whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, ice cream, cake, and whatever else might satisfy our sweet tooth! Imagine me lying naked on the white bed sheet. Take some of the ice cream and put it on top of my small perky tits. Watch as my nipples grow hard when my playful food fetish is set in motion. Try some on my pussy! My moans will start to shake as I shiver under the cold treat.

Put It In My Mouth

We can eat the sexy dessert at the same time! The food really draws attention to my most desirable areas. Watch me seductively suck on a banana as you lick the melting cream off of my nipples and pussy. Your cock throbs as you imagine yourself in my mouth. Pour some chocolate sauce on the end of my banana and watch it drip off of my red lips. Don’t be shy, baby. Share in a tasty chocolate kiss! 

Get Messy With Me

My playful food fetish is even more exciting when I can eat off of your body too. Lay on your back and let me dress you in some sugary toppings. I will start with some whipped cream on your nipples and cock. Maybe I will add in some sprinkles just for fun! I will lick every inch of you clean and suck your cock like a lollipop. 

Playing with food can be very kinky! It definitely adds some flavor to the bedroom. What takes my playful food fetish to the next level is when I have you start shoving strawberries up my tight fuck holes. I love the feeling of a juicy strawberry squeezing into my tight ass and the juices dripping down my cheeks. My favorite position is squatting over your mouth and feeding you strawberries while I empty a bottle of chocolate syrup all over your body. 

The Best Part of My Playful Food Fetish

When you have finished the fruity snack, our messy sex can finally begin. Our goal is to make this white bed unrecognizable. We will rub our chocolatey bodies together as you fuck my strawberry scented pussy or ass. I might grab a handful of cake and rub it into your face and makeout with you. We will be laughing and fucking through our sugar high until our final dessert is ready. That last gooey mess that we both find so satisfying happens when you finally drain your balls in my tight cunt. This hungry girl can always go for another creampie!

Do you want to get messy with me? Call me for fetish phone sex today!