Play time with Jake!!

Play time with Jake on Skype. Yesterday started just like any other day when all of a sudden I got a message on AIM from Jake. The conversation started out innocent but soon after got a bit naughty. I started flirting with him I will admit he looks so hot. I have been so curious about the new guy at PSK. He was a bit shy with me at first, but being the horny little slut that I am I just kept telling him how hot he is and what I would love to do to his cock.

His response was so hot I couldn’t resist “would you like to play on Skype?” I asked. I held my breath with anticipation of his reply I was hoping so badly to have some play time with Jake! It felt like forever before his response. He said “Well darling if we can’t play in person then Skype will have to do” My pussy got wet just thinking about the possibilities. I clicked his name and the call began with that familiar Skype ring. I saw his face handsome and masculine. He pulled off his tight white shirt leaving his chest bare and I could see his abs they were almost shining under the light. He has a sexy tattoo on his chest of a tribal tat. His muscles arms made things down low tighten.

I unfasten my bra letting my perky tits bounce out in front of the camera for Jake to see.

He pulled down his snug boxer briefs his semi circumcised hard cock hit his belly button the tip was already beaded with precum I could tell I turn him on. I stood up turning around so he could see my thong up my cute little ass. I slowly pulled them down, I heard a moan escape his throat. His noises of approval only made me want to do more. I Laid back on my bed adjusting my camera so Jake could have a nice view of my pussy as I began to rub my clit, My pussy was so wet you could see it shining in the camera.

Could see him stroking his cock his foreskin sliding up and over his head. He was stroking his cock so hard my pussy was dripping watching him. I was imagining his cock deep inside of me feeling his cock sliding in and out the foreskin tugging and pulling with every thrust. I came squirting all over the camera, I shoved my fingers inside of me raised it to my mouth sucking on my fingers Jake shot cum so hard it covered his toned chest.

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