Wanna play with my sex machine?

Have you ever played with a sex machine? If your answer no, that was my same answer just a few months ago. This was until I met my friend Kelly! She was so sweet and easygoing. We clicked right off the bat and started to spend tons of time together.

One night after drinking some she started to tell me about some sex machines she has upstairs in her guest room. I was about to spit my drink out asking her what the hell she meant. What is a sex machine? She chuckled and then lead me upstairs to see these so-called amazing toys.

I walked in the door and again about died! She had a massage table set up in the middle of the room that had a contraption attacked with a large dildo on end. She got on the table doggy and backed her ass up to the dildo. Then she showed me how it worked and how you can control the speed. I was so intrigued that I ended up asking her if I could try it. She agreed to help me out, and pop my sex toy machine cherry.

I got undressed and got on all fours.

She grabbed my hips and helped pull me back right up to the dildo. I felt her hands touch my pussy with some warm lube. I gasped and then got very wet under her touch. She placed the head of the cock right at my lips and then asked if I was ready for a good time. I nodded and prepared myself for what may be coming next. She turned it on and watched as the dildo pushed into my cunt.

I moaned loudly and pushed back against it trying to get every inch inside of me. She asked if I was ready for her to turn the speed up higher. Hesitantly I told her yes. I braced myself for a good pounding. That’s when I felt that cock slam hard into me over and over again. I couldn’t control anything anymore and squirted as I came all over the table! She slowed it down a little to let me rest and then turned it all the way up again. I bucked as another climax coursed through my entire body! As soon as that one passed she turned it off and let me get off time table.

You better believe I took the controller into my hand and made her get on the table good. She got fucked real good 😉

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