Want To Play A Game in VIP?

I used to hang out with a group of people who were very interesting. They ran an underground sex club. Club 69 they called it. I would attend every now and then. They always put me in the VIP room so I never really knew what went on downstairs in the club. Well that was until one night. One amazing erotic night. 

I would normally be let in through the back and led right up to the VIP room. There was always at least two to three couples in the room. When the drink’s start flowing, clothes started to come off. That room would soon turn into a mass orgy. Sweat, bodies, moaning, a room of pure pleasure. I would always leave so satisfied that I smiled for a week or so after. Little did I know that the different couples that were in the room were just getting started.

One night upon entering the VIP room my friends who owned the club decided to show me what the club was really all about. They drew back the dark curtains that I had always thought they were just the decor of the room. My eyes grew large and I did not know if I wanted to smile or run. It was an entire room full of torture devices. Along side the window was a table with a touch screen computer.

They told me they called it The Sex Game’s. It was actually a BDSM Torture club. Then they began to tell me how this worked. It was basically entertainment for their guests. They slid a chair up to the table and told me to have a seat and take a look around. There was a line up of slaves against the wall all with number’s painted on their bodies. They gave me a pile of tokens. They told me my next visit I will have to purchase my own token’s. What I must do is pick a number, how they should be tortured, and if I was going to allow them to cum or not.

I picked number 3, it was a beautiful young blond woman. She has a sweet innocent face and a body that went on for mile’s. I had a choice under torture for humiliation. So, I picked it. I wanted to see her beautiful face get messy and see how long it took her to beg for relief. I put my token in the coin slot. There was a beep from down in the club and a Master dressed in all black went over and lead the girl to one part of the room.

There were other people in VIP boot’s and they were making their choices also. Some of the slaves were used as human toilets, fuck dolls, and cum sluts. It was actually quite fun to watch. The Master’s were using their smart phone’s to communicate with the people in the VIP booth’s. A chat box popped up on my screen asking if I was ready. I typed  back, “Give it all you got!” Oh and he did. He took this girl, threw her in the dirt, made her choke on his dick to the point of throwing up. He messed up all her pretty makeup and her hair was a tangled mess.

Then the chat popped up another message:

SlaveMaster3: She is begging for me to let her cum.

MistressRegina: Not yet. Make her wait. I want you to make her hold it until she is about to burst.

SlaveMaster3: As you wish Mistress.

He has the perfect timing. He was holding a vibrator to her clit and I could hear her begin and screaming all the way from the booth. I nodded my head at the Slave Master and he allowed her to cum. She squirted all over the place and started saying, “Thank you! Thank you!” I slipped in another toked and typed in the chat.

MistressRegina: Tell her that this is only the start.

He smiled and pulled out a dildo the size of an arm and started to shove it in her vagina. Then one of my friend’s who owned the club whispered to me.

“Maybe you should take it easy Regina. Because tomorrow night you are going to be down there as a slave and she will be up here in the VIP booth. She is our best and most wealthy client.” 

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