Erogenous Zones.

Erogenous Zones, come arouse mine! Touch them, kiss them, blow on them. Do you know how many places this sexy woman has that’s just craving to be played with? It’s all about the fore play babe. Explore all the places that drives this nympho wild. Because once you know just where to play with me, I’ll return the pleasure back to you.

I want to tell you a few places that turn my body on overdrive and then I want you to find the others. In fact, I think we should play a little game.  Find one of this naughty cheating wife’s erogenous zones, and then I will pleasure you. A little give and take always turn me on.  Turning our fore play session from minutes to hours! I played this game with my gym trainer and thought this would be perfect to play with you too.

You just never know how sensitive certain areas are on the body are until you explore them.  But just because certain areas are a no brainer, it’s the way you work them that counts. And because everyone is different, finding which parts turn them on is key.  I’m sure you know my neck, tits, and clit are areas that will make me squirm when you lightly touch and whisper dirty words in my ear.

But I have two other spots that put me on sensory overload.

You’ll know just where they are when I grab those sheets and arch my back. The fun is in finding them, my love. And once you do, you can guarantee I’ll repay you generously.  I bet there are places on you that you didn’t even know would make your toes curl either.  You see, that’s the great part about having an older woman take the reins and pleasure you. Especially one like me, whose explored so many bodies! So come play with me darlin and let’s explore our erogenous zones!

The Best Phone Sex!