Piss Fetish With My Human Toilet Paper

Uh-oh I’m out of toilet paper again. I guess you’ll just have to do the job. I want you to first watch me lift up my dress. I’m standing in front of the toilet and you’re kneeling before me, ready to indulge your piss fetish. I pull my panties down, my little white thong has a wet spot in it already.

I sit down on the toilet and spread my legs open. Love the look in your eyes when I show you my pink cunt, I love rubbing it right before my piss starts flowing. As soon as you hear it hit the toilet, you’re already licking your lips waiting to taste me. I reach down and rub my clit as I continue to pee and I dribble a little on my finger.

Open, I want you to lick my fingers clean first. Look at me while you suck them, I can see you start playing with your cock. I close my legs and grab my a spare roll of toilet paper I’ve just discovered and I rip a piece as if I’m ready to use it. You’re not happy at what I’ve found…but if you want something, you need to beg me for it.

Lick my thighs up and down and let me spread my legs back open.

I want you looking up at me as you lick your way to my cunt. You nasty fucking boy with a piss fetish, and you’re all mine. Now suck my pussy clean. Be a dirty boy and lick my piss off my cunt, does that taste good? How about if I push your head down into it and grind, I don’t want a drop left! You’ll be my human toilet paper whenever I want it, and you love it because you’re a kinky, nasty, fucking sexy little piss slut, with a huge piss fetish! Now LICK!

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