Two pink vibrators to rock her world.

Pink vibrators rocked my roommate’s world. My roommate Leila is a little bit of a wild card. She’ll spend a weekend here then be off to the end of the world with her fuckbuddy. Then she’ll be right back here to party a little and relax. She’s been spending a lot of time here lately due to the holidays. Needless to say, I’ve been having an adventure with her around all the time. I can tease her when I want, play with her when I want.. Basically any time we get bored, one of us starts up a little tease. It’s dangerous how much sex there’s been lately – not that I’ll ever complain! And I’ve been showing her more of my little collection. I don’t think she has a favorite sex toy yet, but there is a little masochist in her – she loves when I play with the nipple clamps! So, I figured, with her birthday coming up..I’d get her an early present. I was going to make her wait til the day, but I couldn’t resist. I went to the sex store and bought a sexy little pair of those black vibrating panties, as well as two pink vibrators. It’s basically a thong with a bullet vibrator insert. This one is controlled wirelessly by a little remote. So I could be anywhere in the house and start teasing her. You should have seen the way she looked at me when I opened it – wonder, mischief, and a little fear (because she knows I can be evil and turn it on while we have company..if she’s silly enough to be wearing it!)

It’s been a fun week, I’ll tell you that. As soon as I showed it to her, she was so excited to put the batteries in and put it on..and we decided to relax for a little while and binge-watch some TV shows (anyone watch Black Sails? She didn’t need the vibrator on to get soaking wet over Vane…but that’s a different story.) About halfway into the first episode we were watching, I got a little mean. She was taking a break, during a boring scene, to check her phone..and as soon as she started typing, I turned the vibrator on and slipped the pink vibrators in so that one of them went inside. She hadn’t tested its strength when it started buzzing, she nearly jumped out of the couch! And of course I took the opportunity to climb in a little closer, kissing her neck as she squirmed, letting out little moans. With those panties on, she couldn’t really shy away from the buzzing – she had to cave in.. but I don’t think she minded. 😉 It made the rest of the night much more interesting. Those little pink vibrators really rocked her world for the night.

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