Should I make him show off in those pink panties?

Pink panties are a timeless little classic. They’re cute, sexy, and I love wearing them myself.. but I have another secret that my friend wants me to tell. He likes wearing them too! We’re even the same size, so I can give him mine to wear from time to time. However, usually I just take him shopping and pretend we’re out there buying them for me. The dressing room girls always get a kick out of us switching the roles when we tell them that he’s the one who’s going to try them on. He loves the whole charade – the pretending he’s with me, the shopping around and oogling everything, knowing that someone’s wondering if he’s shopping for himself. And then the truth moment, when he asks to go in and try them on..and then buys them with a card in his own name.

The best part is when he gets home. Usually he doesn’t like to strut around in them in public, but we have a little game we play. Since he craves the public humiliation without the after-effects, he goes online and we get to pick out some random video websites.. I’m sure you guys know the ones I’m talking about 😉 He gets them all set up and I tell him what to do for the camera, though to them it looks like he’s doing it on his own. I tell him when to shake his ass, when to pull down the pink panties a little.. and even when to let them get more of a view than they bargained for! He calls it his ‘showtime’ and really puts in the work. Sometimes he even gets dolled up in heels and makeup for his audience. It’s all his little game and he really loves being the center stage panty boy.

Come play with me.

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