1625710_676554919052627_1175541272_nLovie, it takes work to look sexy, and it takes confidence to look pin up sexy, I proudly have both. I’ve come across lots of men who love to dress up but can’t seem to get that pin up sexy down.

So, for all those men who love to dress sexy, and are trying to meet pin up standards with their feminization, there are 3 important things to have perfect




Let’s talk about this;

Body – If you’re gonna be pin up sexy, you need to have the body for it. You can be a curvaceous doll with a stick figure, so you need to work on your padding and cinch that waist. Corset Story has come fantastic corsets to help you find that perfect hour glass figure.

Hair – Pin up sexy is always about the hair, no way in hell can you go out on the town with stringy, flat, dull hair. Pin up hair is all about the style, the curls, the finger waves. Longer hair is perfect, then you can cut up a shirt and rag roll you hair over night, gives you the best, soft curls around. Are you heaving to be a man during the day, but loving feeling that lingerie at night? Then you need to work on your finger waves

Make up – Cat eyes, eyelashes, lip liner, ruby red lipstick, all very important. A woman’s make up says everything about her. If you’re in that “on your knees, take me like a wild animal” mood, then you need the pouty lips to go with it. Want to be that wild slut on the prowl, then cat eyes work every time. Plus, nothing like a ruby red ring around a thick, dripping cock!

It’s not easy being a pin up, but I love helping all of my men who desire to be sexy become one. Of course, no matter how hard you try, how much you beg, how tight your corset it, you will sport the perfect pin up diva attitude, that is just a birth right.