Pimping Out My Best Ass Licker

The first time I had him down on his knees, face deep in my ass, I knew he was worth a pretty penny.  He took such pleasure in licking every inch of my juicy ass, paying special attention to my asshole.  I have quite a few guys who are into ass worship, but this one took the cake!  Just had to share him with my girlfriends!

  I decided to have a dinner party and have my butthole eating pet as out dessert.  My girls know I have no limits and a party at my house is nothing short of spectacular.  As we ate, the toy of the hour crawled around the table, sniffing our asses in our seats.  I wanted everyone to have fun with him so laughing was very much encouraged.  Not only were we having a blast humiliating him, but he is glutton for the punishment.  We ate, drank, and had ourselves a very merry time.

Now it was time for dessert.  I instructed my girls to stand up and pull up their skirts while bending over the backs of their chairs.  I tapped my pervy pet on the head and had him follow me to the first girl.  He nuzzled his nose into the crack of her ass, sniffing like a good little puppy.  I could see his cock swelling by the second.  The sight of a sexy bare ass was almost too much for him to stand let alone a whole table of them.

One by one he lapped and licked at their asses until they squirmed and moaned.  He made them cum one by one with his golden tongue.  With their legs shaking and breath heavy, they asked when I would have them over for another party.  That’s when I told them he would only be for hire and to tell their friends.  From they day on I had my pet pimped out every weekend.  I even moved him in with me to keep tabs on him better.  I owned him and he loved it.  Let’s face it, I loved it too!

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