Have you noticed this too, how pillow talk can make your sex life better?

Yes, I am a cruel bitch who loves her verbal abuse and humiliation calls more than anything, but hey! I am a just a normal girl too, I have a soft side and a heart that beats like anyone else. When I’m not tearing into some pathetic bitch-boy, I crave a real connection and the kind of sensual sex that pillow talk often leads too (or follows, haha!)

I am a Scorpio, I can’t help it– I’m attracted to the intimacy that is built when you get to know another person. Sharing secrets, talking about your day, laughing together and just snuggling. The better that I know your body, the better I can please it. The better you know my body, the harder you will make me cum… I want to fully know you, inside and out, every little crevice. I know how hard it is for a man like you to be vulnerable in this world! Society tells you that emotions make you weak, that you aren’t aloud to open up. Well guess what baby, I see your strength and you can be yourself with me. It’s safe!

The power you must feel knowing that your words alone can make me so wet… that only you make my clit throb like you do. Your sexy mind and hard cock are so good that I crave them, crying out your name as I bare down and cum hard on your dick while you simultaneously explode inside of me. And when we wake up next to each other, we are ready to do it all over again. I never want it to stop!

It’s so good, I beg you to call off of work… stay home and fuck me all day!

Do you crave it too? The kind of girlfriend sex that makes your toes curl and leaves you day dreaming at work? Smiling at the funny little things that I’ve said, thinking about the way it sounds when you bring me to orgasm?

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