Whenever I wore pigtails, daddy got a little sweeter..

Pigtails are the classic, go-to style for looking innocent, sweet, and young. And of course, I didn’t really know this when I was younger, but it always made daddy a little more excited. Summer was the perfect season for them, so once I wore my hair up, the pants were long-gone and it was short-shorts season! Little tank tops showing off a little training bra underneath, running around everywhere half-naked because nobody was really looking, it was all innocent! And all the adults knew better, but I was too innocent and sweet to care. I didn’t mind if I got extra attention from the mailman or the older man down the street, and I damn sure used it to my advantage when daddy would be a little sweeter and take me to go get ice cream!

Sometimes I’d even sit on his lap when we went out for food. I’d be playfully rocking back and forth sometimes too, just because it would normally irk him that I wouldn’t stay still, but when I was on his lap he almost seemed to love it, and would further shower me in affection. I only realized later on how dirty it all really was..and of course the troublemaker came out to play. If daddy loved my pigtails and short-shorts back then, he’d certainly love it now! You should have seen the look on his face when I paid them a visit in nearly the same outfit I used to wear all the time. Hair down in some loose, curly pigtails, red tank top, and little black yoga short-shorts that were showing off a little too much. His eyes were following me around the room like I had a neon sign painted on me.. right on my ass! 😉 I made sure to give him a little extra to look at, too. I took every opportunity to bend over the counter, help him with grilling, and overall being the bubbly, sweet, naturally-flirty self that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of. What kind of dirty, kinky side do you think my daddy’s been hiding?

Come play with me.

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