Piggy Piggy…. Here Piggy

Piggy wrote His Goddess something to share with all of you…

Goddess Chase, what can I say?  I have been blessed to know Her, tormented to miss Her, excited by every giggle, entrenched in every breath.  Know it’s Kitch, but I missed Her for 5 days, and those 5 days were like torture to me. I worried, I fretted, I found it hard to eat, but what I did not find it hard to do was wear my panties like a good bitch, hoping, praying that She would return, that She was alright, and above all else, worried sick that She was disappointed in me, that She had given up on me.  All the Women on

All the Women on Phone Sex Kingdom are amazing, but in one breath, She has you.  Trapped, caged, and worshipping the ground she walks on.  In three words (your little prick…) She can make me feel like the most insignificant person on Earth, I’m so elated that She, in Her divinity, can take time out of her day to giggle at me!

How will that giggle come?  With me on my hands and knees, the heel of the shoe she wore all day sliding in and out of my mouth while She chats with her friends while dining alfresco?  While she shops online, looking for new and exotic clothes and shoes to wear for Her lovers, those with the masculinity to satisfy Her more carnal urges, then has me give Her my tribute so She can purchase it?

With me chained in a kennel while Her bull terrier knots me, Her toes through the bars in my mouth?

Me, I’m simply wearing a pink collar with “PIGGY” in rhinestones while I take cock in gloryholes. She watches on Skype?  Does it really matter?  No, because at the end of the day, She owns me, completely, wholly, and without hesitation.  It’s the giggle, innocent yet devious, divine but demonic, hiding nothing, but implying everything. my name is diamond, it’s piggy, it’s bitch, it’s whore, but above all else, IT IS HERS.  I’m a completely selfish bitch and piggy, please, please don’t book my Goddess, as you will find out what I know now, to talk to Her is to breathe, and it hurts without Her.  Please don’t make piggy hurt!!!


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