Daddy Loves me!

My dad and I are very close. We always have been since mom left us. I love my daddy! He always takes me to fun places. I remember one time,  we went to the Great falls. It’s a really big forest full of hiking trails in the mountains.

Even though I was very young, my dad thought I could handle the trip. We packed our backpacks and left early in the morning.

It was a Monday morning so there was hardly anyone else there. It was like we had the park to ourselves.

We hiked up one of the intermediate trails. My daddy helped me the whole way so that I wouldn’t fall behind. I held his hand the whole time.

Once we found a nice flat area, we unpacked our lunch and started eating. I was so thirsty so I drank all the special juice my dad had brought with us. I was having so much that the time just seemed to drift by.

My memory starts to get a little foggy at this point though. I remember feeling really sleepy and I got a little dizzy too. Daddy told me to just lay down and take a nap. He took off my jacket and made a pillow for me so i could be more comfortable. That was so nice of him. But then he started taking off the rest of my clothes too. He said that I would feel better if I just let him take care of me so I didn’t fight him. He started rubbing my small titties with his rough hands.

He ran his hand along my small body as if her were giving me a massage.

The weirdest part was when he took off his pants. I’m not sure if I was dreaming or not, but he took something long and hard out of his pants. He rubbed it in between my legs. It felt really funny but I was too sleepy to get up. Then I remember feeling a lot of pain inside my stomach. It felt like I was on fire down there. It didn’t last long though thank goodness. The pain ended with a bunch of cum all over my stomach.

I don’t even think that part was real because I woke up in my bed. I felt a little sore but I know my daddy wouldn’t hurt me. My daddy loves me!

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