Pickled Pepper Granddaddy Fires Off More Than Bullets and Cum

My pickled pepper grandaddy fires off more than bullets and cum. You should see the spit shine he puts on the tongue of his shoe.  Watching him do anything is oddly provocative.  Over sexualizing anything and everything is what he does best.

“Come here gal. Spit on it.  Now, don’t be scared.  Get on them purdy lil’ knees and spit on it.”

Bending down to my knees, he rocks back and forth on the heels of his feet and grabs his nut sack.  Swirling snuff, chewing tobacco, and sunflower seeds around in his mouth always tended to satisfy his oral fixation.  Yet there was something about watching me spit on his shoes before him that pleased him.  Granddaddy insisted that I not spit any other time.  It just ain’t lady-like to go around spitting for any ole body.  Granddaddy was the exception to the rule.

Grandmother hates it when I say: ain’t, y’all, or use any contraction.  That sort of language was far too common, and I should be more formal.  Granddaddy, on the other hand, believes that casual language is for your love and passion.  “If you have to overthink it, then you don’t love it,” says Granddaddy.  So, when I bent down and spit on the tongue of his custom dress boot he could tell I don’t wanna spit, I’d rather swallow.

A bit of time goes by and I’m called upon yet again to assist granddaddy.  This time it is in the bath.  The bathtub is so deep that we had to use the other bathtub as children for they were scared we would drown.  Bubbles were everywhere, as I sponged off his back and listened to how much I hated green beans as a baby.  I’d run around all day holding that one green bean in my jaw instead of just swallowing it. He said that’s how he knows I’m his baby Brandy.  I love pumpkin seeds, crab legs, and prefer Fruity Pebbles over Fruit Loops.  The texture is everything when it comes to my food, and I don’t mind working a bit for the taste.

“You’ll be a good little cock sucker when you get hitched.”

“I reckon you are about ready now.  Here, suck on this.” Passing me a lollipop, granddaddy stands up in the tub.  I can see all of his glory, yet he never waivers. Standing strong, he grabs his cock and calls it his pickled pepper.  That’s when Pickled Pepper Granddaddy was born.  The moment he started telling me just how to lick that lollipop as he stroked his cock, I was intrigued.  I had never seen a set of testicles like those before!  They were huge and looked just like dates or prunes.

The next day he takes me shooting.  “Remember, how I stroked my pickled pepper? I need you to pull back just like that.  Pump it!”  Again, I froze up.  I couldn’t move, complain, run, curse, or nothing.  Simply acted as if there was nothing sexual about anything that he did.  I ate my candy as usual and was my normally bratty self, but not Kirsten!

Kirsten played into our pickled pepper grandaddy’s fantasy.  She smiles, leans in, gets super excited, slurps real extra, asks questions, and so on.  Her enthusiasm got her bent over the side of the boat with his pickled pepper in her bottom.  Kirsten’s eagerness to fancy granddaddy is why he continues to tell me bedtime stories as he plays in her itty bitty vagina.  All of that yummy, yummy in my tummy mess she kept screaming served her with a pickled pepper down her throat to put a cork in it.  All while, I just watch in passing and play with my dollies.

Granddaddy slut training, occurred every day that summer.

From the moment I opened my eyes, either grandmother was teaching me all about lingerie, how to keep my panties clean, how to dress for a man or something.  My Pickled Pepper Granddaddy, taught me to tease and deny a man his cum, how to spoil an orgasm so I don’t get knocked up but please him enough to get what I want from him.

“Don’t let him hit it and quit it.  You are the plan, not the prize.”

For a man with a plan is something you can work with.  He knows his tab and will always run for the fiat of the pussy.  So bathe in his cum, drink it up like you are sucking his soul out.  There is DNA in his seminal fluid, and that is the key to everything you need to know about him.  Kirsten and I showered in granddaddy’s cum, we bathed in it and engaged in lessons on how to get everything we want.

Cum play with me and learn all about my granddaddy cum slut training and the granny phone sex lessons grandmother provided.  I have plenty of perverted grandfather stories to tell.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke